Ways to contribute to Open Source

An interesting aspect about open-source software is that it allows you to use your skills where you feel comfortable working with. Open-source helps people to discover that you don’t have to master all levels of computer science to contribute a piece of knowledge.

Personally, the readings have opened my eyes, and I’m glad that writing code is not the only way to contribute to large projects. Having 14 or more different ways to contribute to major projects make newbies want to add something to it.

IRC Activity

IRC activity in-class was enjoyable. It’s been a long time since the last time I chatted for over an hour. IRC is a great way to communicate in real time while working on large projects, especially since most people are looking for answers right away.

IRC is a great tool because it can be easily installed on user’s computers who have access to internet, regardless of the operating system running on the computer. IRC has different features such as chat and data transfer, file sharing, and also allows one to one communication using the private message.


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