Wiki & Git are FUN!

The third week of the semester has been very busy. Let’s start with the wiki editing that was started in class. This is the first time I have to edit a wiki. It was fun and easy to learn how to add and modify content. What I like about the wiki application is its simplicity, which allows any user to contribute text without being a web designer.

My wiki profile has information about the Issue Tracker Activity. This activity was useful in a way that I can get familiar with the OpenMRS Issue Tracker system, which is a system that allows browsing and filtering bugs. In this activity not only learned to browse and filter issues, but I also learned to find reports based on a specific project.

The second part of the assignment was the Git Videos and the tutorial, which gave me an insight of what Git is and how it works. Git is a Version Control System (VCS) with capability to keep track the history of every file, and changes made by a team member who is working or collaborating on a single project. VCS allows to revert files back to a previous state, revert the entire project, review changes made over time, see who last modified something that might be causing a problem, who introduced an issue and when, etc.

In summary, some features that Git provides are:

  • Configuration: Free download and installation; fast and easy setup.
  • Fast: Nearly all operations are performed locally (on local disk).
  • Distributed Version Control: if any server dies, any of the client repositories can be copied back up to the server to restore it.
  • Team Centric: Allows group of contributor working simultaneously within the same project.
  • Integrity: Contributor can’t lose information in transit or get file corruption without Git being able to detect it.
  • Merging Capability: Git is flexible when more than one user’s work needs to be brought together.
  • Opt in: You decide on which projects to participate.
  • Open Software: Let people offer contributions.
  • Backup: Every user has a full backup of all data. 

Finally, this week I went through the selection of 3 tickets within the issue tracker. I am very excited to work on projects related to database.