Group Status Report

As a group, we started the week finding out that our original ticket, TRUNK-324, had been claimed by someone else. We had a quick meeting and agreed to work on the TRUNK-3009 instead. TRUNK-3009 is a documentation bug.

For this ticket we are supposed to look for all references in the wiki to Global Preferences, and change them to Settings. According to the description given in OpenMRS the “Global Properties” page was renamed and updated to just a “Settings” page for version 1.9. So if the wiki mentions GPs they need to be updated, as there are still hundreds of references to Global Properties on the wiki.

The description of the bug is somewhat vague, so before we start working on this one of our team member, Connor Kelly, put a comment on the page to make sure that our understanding of the ticket is what they want. The comment was as follows:

“My intention is to go through the whole wiki and replace any instance of “Global Properties” or “global properties” with “Settings (formerly Global properties)”, is my undesrtanding correct on this or am I missing something? I don’t want to mess up the whole wiki.”

On Saturday, March 8, 2014, we got an answer on the comment saying that the update should include that the change only affects version 1.9 and above.

We are now ready to get started on searching and replacing any string “global property” within the wiki page.

The change and what users will find while reading the wiki page is as follows:

Settings (formerly Global Properties 1.8 and below)

Finally, as a group we have agreed to split up the documentation section found in the left panel of the OpenMRS Wiki home page.