OpenMRS Wiki

Up to this point, working with OpenMRS software has become frustrating. A quick recap… In a matter of minutes, our original ticket was claimed by someone else, so my group ended up losing such a great ticket to start off the project. After this misfortune, we chose another ticket, which was not very clear in the description of the problem. However, we had an answer and likewise the approval from one of the OpenMRS developers to start working on the issue.

Unfortunately, on March 11th, I received an email about the recent edits made to the wiki page.  The email states that some of the senior developers have expressed concerns & confusion about the accuracy of the edits.

Before proceeding with our work, we ensure that the outcome was what they were asking. It’s frustrating because all changes made by the group have been reverted back. Working on this project has been a waste of time, and at the end it seems my account has been restricted to access the wiki page.

After two attempts, looking into a new project will be a challenge.


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