New Ticket: TRUNK-243

After two attempts to work on the OpenMRS’s project my group has now chosen a new ticket, the TRUNK-243. The description of this ticket explains that the current unit tests have bad names, so this ticket is about cleaning the unit test. I’ve been researching about unit test before to start working on the actual code, so this is what I have learned this week.

What is Unit Test?

Unit testing is a software development process designed to correct individual parts of code by isolating each part of the program. In other words, unit test is a piece of code that invokes a unit of work in the system and then checks a single assumption about the behavior of that unit of work.

Benefits of Unit Testing

  • Reduces the level of bugs in production code
  • Problems can be found early in the development cycle
  • Automated tests can be run as frequently as required
  • Facilitates change
  • Simplifies integration
  • Is a form of documentation
  • Can improves the design of code

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